Making selling online easier


500Shops' mission is to provide creative tools that help businesses sell their products online.

500Shops was officially born in December 2013 with the goal of making it ridiculously easy for businesses to setup and run an e-commerce store; for designers and developers to build useful tools to help these businesses; and consequently, create the highest quality experience for everyone involved.

From first timers who have never sold online before to e-commerce experts, 500Shops provides great technology to help small and medium sized businesses grow into successful companies.

We created 500Shops to take away the challenges involved in running an online store, so businesses can focus on what they know how to do best: making and selling their products.

Meet the team behind 500Shops

Clive Ayonye

Clive spends most of his time designing interfaces and asking how things can be done better. And oh, he loves eating. A lot.

Emotu Balogun

Emotu has been developing software for over 8 years, and enjoys making sure that everything works the way they should.

We are also enjoying huge love and support from all the great folks at

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